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The following are the hotkeys in Fallen Enchantress:


[edit] Main UI

Enter End Turn

Spacebar Skip/End Unit’s Turn

Escape Options Menu

Control+G Toggle Grid

Control+S Quick Save

Pause|Break Pause the Game

Print Screen Take Screenshot

M Open Spellbook

K Kingdom Information

[edit] Camera

Arrow Keys Pan Camera

C / Pg Down / Pg Up Cycle Through Cities

V Eject All Units in City

Numpad + Zoom In

Numpad - Zoom Out

[edit] City Selected

B Open Build Menu

T Open Train Menu

D City Details

X Raze City

[edit] Unit Selected

S Select Sovereign

U / Home / End Cycle Through Units

B (Pioneers Only) Build City

D Open Unit Details

X Auto-Explore

E Open Equip Screen

R Recruit Champion

G Guard

Delete Disband Unit

[edit] Tactical Battles

M Open Spellbook

Spacebar Skip/End Unit’s Turn

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